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Meticulously Crafted

A reputation of superior performance that spans more than six decades has earned the all-new Nissan Patrol enviable recognition as the "king of off-road". Combining functionality, versatility and powerful performance with bold styling and luxurious interior refinement, the Nissan Patrol takes sophistication and capability to a whole new level.

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The Suspension system has been implemented to ensure remarkably low body roll when powering through corners and provides better traction through rough terrain. HBMC plays both the role of shock absorbers and stabiliser bars, allowing for full wheel travel, meaning your wheels will stay firmly on the ground  even when you're off the beaten track.


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Raw Power. The Ultimate trip.

From the beginning the Nissan Patrol has been synonymous with power. The 5.6 litre V8 engine offers the ultimate power trip. The DIG technologies improve efficiency, power and torque with lower emissions. Conquering the off-roads means roughing through a diverse range of challenging landscapes. Fortunately, The all-new Nissan Patrol is well equipped to tackle any terrain thanks to its advanced technologies, thoughtful design and incredible forethought.


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5.6 V8 LE 4WD 7AT
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